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Valley Hope Technology’s robust iAC/ESS Behavioral Health Software including Electronic Health Records (EHR) was designed and created by behavioral healthcare clinicians, administrators and accountants specifically for behavioral health records. With over ten years of field testing and user input, it is an outstanding stand-alone solution for practices and organizations of any size. Combined with the power of VHT’s Practice Management Services, and supported by 47+ years of experience in behavioral health, it simply cannot be beat.


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Valley Hope Technology offers Practice Management Services for Behavioral Healthcare Organizations including:

  • Effective Workflow Solutions
  • Integrated Technology and Services
  • Administrative Support
  • Insurance Billing 
  • Case Management
  • Contract Negotiation and Consultation
  • VHT will even make the coffee.

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While VHT’s  software and services are exceptional, they cannot hold a candle to the Client Relations Team and the IT staff who work to improve our client’s experiences every day. If we were parents and they were kids, we’d be at all their soccer games…even the 7:30am games.

  • Painless Implementation
  • Experienced and Professional Team
  • Onsite Training and Support 
  • Average Implementation is 30 days
  • Client Relations Specialists are available 24/7/365



iAC/ESS low monthly Behavioral Health Software subscription fee is scalable to the size of your organization. Our implementation fee is designed to fit any budget, just ask, you’ll see.
Our rates for insurance billing are the lowest we’ve ever heard of. Really. (We save you money.) We can collect more of your hard earned dollars than the national averages. (Then we give you more money.) On average, our claims are paid in 30 days. (See? We practically throw money at you.) The best part? You earned it and don’t have to leave it on the table any more.


iacess ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS behavioral health software applications ImageENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS

iAC/ESS behavioral health software and Electronic Health Records (EHR) applications are already successfully deployed at facilities devoted to detox, outpatient services and organizations with multiple facilities caring for up to 70 patients in each residential setting. iAC/ESS can work for you no matter how large your operation. iAC/ESS is designed to seamlessly manage multi-site organizations at a corporate level down to each individual user’s unique role based access privileges.


iacess valley hope TECHNOLOGY software applications imageTECHNOLOGY

iAC/ESS software applications reside on servers located at the I O Data Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Behind the scenes, Valley Hope Technology provides all software development, enhancement and deployment, network administration, database administration, data backup and disaster recovery services.
You don’t have to run a technology department or make hardware upgrades to use iAC/ESS behavioral health software.
iAC/ESS is a Windows-based suite of applications that is built on the rock-solid foundation of Microsoft SQL Server database. MS SQL Server is a powerful relational database and can handle any transaction volume an organization can throw at it.
Software and services provided by Valley Hope Technology come complete with 24/7 telephone and/or email access to tech support should your staff ever need assistance.


iacess Valley Hope Technology SMALL PRACTICE imageSMALL PRACTICE

Valley Hope Technology believes that every time we help a clinician chart more efficiently or cut down on paperwork and costs, we help them see at least one more client day. We handle what we know so well, so that clinicians can do what they do best: treat clients. iAC/ESS meaningful use software and services is ideal for practices without the staff to oversee charting, accounting and claims.

  • iAC/ESS Software and Services are affordableContact us for our unique package for small practices and sole practitioners.
  • iAC/ESS requires no technological sophistication to acquire or use. You really DON’T have time for that.
  • Valley Hope Technology is responsible for keeping the software accessible as well as for maintaining backups and tech support.
  • All you need is a connection to the Internet.
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