We’re really good at what we do.



BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SOFTWARE + PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SERVICES + SUPPORT =  iAC/ESS, which is a slightly more efficient way of saying integrated Administrative Clinical/Enterprise Software System.

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Who we are & what we do:

  • We are electronic health records (ehr) specialists!
  • We are behavioral health billing services specialists too!
  • We are a behavioral health record software creator
  • An insurance behavioral health billing partner & workflow efficiency generator.
  • Valley Hope Technology’s robust iAC/ESS Behavioral Health Software including Electronic Health Records (EHR) was designed and created by behavioral healthcare clinicians, administrators and accountants specifically for behavioral health records.
  • We take everything your facility does and we make it faster, stronger, better.
  • Combine our software with the power of Valley Hope Technology’s Practice Management Services, and supported by 47+ years of experience in behavioral health, we simply cannot be beat.
  • All that time you spend organizing patient data, searching through medical records, filing insurance claims….we do that!

We are really good at what we do: 

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